Re: [NTLK] State of the NewtSync

From: Jon Glass <>
Date: Fri Apr 14 2006 - 12:12:13 EDT

On 4/14/06, John <> wrote:
> Again, how can anyone argue with this? Serial would appear to make
> sense. What's "cool" and what's "practical" are distinctions with "real"
> differences in the real world. Ok, I'll go back under my rock now and
> try to keep my big mouth shut ;-)

The problem is that I have no access to Serial any more, except via
IrDA, but that hasn't worked with my Newton since i upgraded to X, and
it's devishly slow in any case--too slow for my number of contacts.
So, for me TCP/IP is my only option.

 -Jon Glass
Krakow, Poland
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