Re: [NTLK] using Serial-over-Bluetooth. Is it possible?

From: Adriano <>
Date: Fri Apr 14 2006 - 16:23:36 EDT

Hi Thomas,

in the past months i was able to sync my MP2100 and OSX 10.3.9 using
serial over bluetooth services, as published here:

Here is a shorter report:

  - On the hardware part i used a Pico Plug, which is capable to
estabilish a transparent serial to bluetooth communication and a
standard usb bluetooth adapter on my Mac

  - Once activated the serial services on the Mac bluetooth-sharing
preferences panel,
the only application capable of taking use of the OSX bluetooth-
serial port was NewtSync.
Instead Escale crashed, and Newten couldn't work on that port.

At that time Steven had already gently updated Newten to put full
support to NewtUSB,
so i also sent him the needed hardware and some directions on how to
set things up, with my best hope to get something happen.

Here is a copy of the pdf i sent him:

Here are some notes:

  - Pico Pcmcia maybe could do the same job of the Pico Plug with
correct support
cause they both use the very same bluetooth chip (Ericsson ROK 101
but I can't imagine if the devices have the same firmware installed too.

  - No configuration and/or drivers are needed on the Newton OS to
make things work. Built-in serial support is just great.

  - OSX support for bluetooth-over-serial has been updated on Tiger,
and as a result services have become much more annoying to configure
and much less stable too...

Kind regards,


'Green is better'

14/apr/06 Thomas wrote:

> But while on the Mac I can configure this virtual serial port to be a
> "raw" tunnel, the Newton BT setup seems to only allow it to use as a
> "Modem", meaning that when i tell the Dock to use this port, the Dock
> brings up a connection slip for dialing with a modem.
> Has someone succeeded in using the Dock using a serial tunnel via BT
> yet somehow?

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