Re: [NTLK] Newton Bluetooth for newbies

From: Adriano <>
Date: Sat Apr 15 2006 - 18:30:58 EDT

Bluetooth and WiFi technologies have been built to do different things.

Then they have been updated to coexist and do some jobs at the same

Bluetooth is much more portable, but WiFi is much more powerful than

To give you an idea, think about wireless audio:
When on bluetooth you will find headsets with receiver and battery
while on WiFi you will need Airport Express (or a similar accessory)
and a wall outlet to get it powered.

Although less portable then bluetooth, WiFi audio has always reached
much higher quality than Bluetooth.

On WiFi you will be able to connect to almost every device capable of
but there's some more hardware involved than on bluetooth, cause you
will need a wireless router (i.e. Airport) other than a 802.11b card
for your MessagePad.

While WiFi is supported by NIE in NOS2, bluetooth has come out
thanks to Echkart Köppen instead.

Without Blunt, a Pico Pcmcia is recognized as a sort of empty box by

On Bluetooth you will find a lot of devices with a receiver built-in
(i.e. phones or pdas)
and you could use it to estabilish communication between two
MessagePads too.

Industries built Bluetooth thinking firstly to p2p, so life will be a
bit easier on that way,
but there's no chance to get it recognized by OS9/Classic, so you
won't be able to do things like a backup....for now....


15/apr/06 Jon Glass wrote:

> My real curiosity lies in whether or not it is easier/simpler to set
> up a BlueTooth setup vs. a wifi setup. Are there more compatible cards
> available for one, vs. the other? I remember how, it seemed for
> months, the main topic of discussion on this board was how to get wifi
> working, with most people having tons of problems, but I haven't
> noticed the same flooding of the inbox with BlueTooth issues.

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