[NTLK] Blunt and SysPatch 0.6b

From: Giulio Marchi <emfdb_at_tiscali.it>
Date: Mon Apr 17 2006 - 16:58:23 EDT

Hi everybody,

I am here to report a curious issue I discovered about Blunt and
SysPatch version 0.6b. Apparently it is not reported in the
"literature" though my search was not that extensive.

I could not understand why everybody was so happy with the Bluetooth
connection while my 2100 almost always crashed and rebooted during the
"discover" phase (just in very rare occasions it could see my PowerBook
patiently standing in front of it waiting for connection). Actually,
once discovered the PowerBook, everything proceeded smoothly but it
could take *ages* to discover it successfully.

Finally I decided I had to solve the problem and, through sequential
freezing, I isolated the culprit in SysPatch. I checked it several
times, freezing and thawing it, on a couple of 2100. If SysPatch 0.6b
is active, Blunt "discover" phase forces the Newton to crash and
reboot; if SysPatch 0.6b is frozen, everything proceeds perfectly.

This happens with both Blunt Setup version 0.7.7 and 0.7.6. I didn't
spend any time testing the various possible configurations of SysPatch.

Regards to everybody,


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