[NTLK] A day in the life

From: Steven Frank <stevenf_at_panic.com>
Date: Wed Apr 19 2006 - 19:24:52 EDT

So, we've got about 2,000 people on the list here. I know that some
of you are day-to-day Newton users, and others of you are former
users, or collectors, etc.
I am really curious to hear from the day-to-day users what a typical
day is like. Things like: what kind of work do you do, and how do
you use your Newton to help get it done?

I guess in a way this is like the common "what are your favorite
apps" posts, but I'm more curious about actual real-life workflows.
Are you a doctor or therapist using Notes? Real estate agent using
Dates and Calls? How? Writer keeping a journal? That sort of thing.

No real ulterior motive here, just curious, and I like to read this
kind of stuff.

(Me? I'm somewhere in the middle. I have a small Newton collection,
and I love it to bits. I have a 2100 that, every few months or so, I
consider putting back into active duty. I'm at that point again now,
which is why I've started popping up here on the list again, posting
rambling questions like this one.

What usually trips me up is that I'm at a desktop Mac most of the
time, and so it's generally easier just to pop a new entry into iCal
or Address Book. I'm also a little bit worried about the longevity
of the hardware, and would hate to lose a bunch of important stuff to
a Flash RAM hiccup. Making matters worse, I already carry a Treo
everywhere, which is -- eh -- OK, but the Newton's just so damn FUN,
I hate leaving it in a drawer.)


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