Re: [NTLK] Halfway towards a 'Getting Things Done' solution?

From: Paul Curtis <>
Date: Thu Apr 20 2006 - 13:14:22 EDT

Call Dr. Frankenstein... Germany is much closer than the States and your
beloved will not find a more tender and knowledgeable hand. Not to mention
his quality to cost ratio is insanely skewed in your favor! A good single
malt will also fancy his goat.

I can't say enough GREAT things about J&K. They've been really good to me
every time I've conducted business with them, but I live in the States... So
shipping isn't that big of a deal. I've also purchased from Frank and
giddily paid the air postage for a rare piece of Newton history that he made
perfect. Thanks again Frank!

Best Regards,

Paul Curtis
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Subject: [NTLK] Halfway towards a 'Getting Things Done' solution?

Hi List. I've been reading with great interest the 'how do you use yours'
threads, all in the context of 'how do I use mine?' and coming to the
conclusion that the answer is 'not nearly to it's full potential!!'.*Sigh*

In short, I am considering a complete wipe and start again, to try and get
key elements of software working together to create my own personal 'Getting
Things Done' system. I flit between two offices, so having a portable
solution is key. The form factor of the 2000 wins outright.

Given that I am an Architect, managing 15 people, working on 30 jobs, all
with different external consultant teams, different time lines etc, I had
started getting into Blueprint 2 which I feel gives me the best 'picture' of
what I'm doing (every morning one needs to take a 'snapshot' of where one is
and then prioritise the days tasks accodingly). For some reason, probably
after installing something else, Blueprint starts giving me a -48205 error
and will not open. *Sigh*.

Having tried a few PIMs, I settled on Action Names, which is pretty much all
I am using, day to day, to record telephone calls, actions, meetings,
priorities...BUT, for some reason, although I've set up a folder per
project, I CANNOT seem to assign tasks to jobs by filing them into folders.

I've experimented with WiFi (too long to go into) and nearly got there. The
upshot is that the 2000 just seems too slow to make Newtscape useable. I
would LOVE to get WiFi working properly, even just as part of my home

I'm about to add some more software...Blunt try out the PICO cart
that Adriano organised. The whole syncronisation problem, with Outlook at
the office (Lookout seems ok) and with iCAL at home (less critical but a
nice-to-have) needs to be resolved within my GTD structure.

BUT, I'm reluctant to keep experimenting, adding, and 'bunging up' the
machine. Time to make it lean and mean and figure out exactly what my suite
of tightly integrated software will be.

I would welcome any observations and advice on the above, however I've
finally got to my key question:

Given my expectations, and given that I'm about to consider a 'brain wipe',
is it time to consider sending my 2000 off to J&K for their $50 upgrade to a
2100 motherboard? Seems a reasonable price. But I'm in the UK and haven't
factored in shipping yet. Anyone nearer to the UK do this? I feel that more
heap space will help me more than souping up the processor speed?

All advice welcome. I feel that I've hit a wall here!

Thanks to you all,



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