Re: [NTLK] Newtons and Palms together

From: D. R. <>
Date: Thu Apr 20 2006 - 13:57:31 EDT

Funny that Jon asks the questions below. I have went some time with just
using my Tungsten T and have found the same likes, as such, that he has and
over the last six months began to use them in tandem. I use the Newton for
it's screen size, intelligent HWR (been using Newtons so long that I have
virtually 100% HWR with the 2000's, Palm Graffiti sucks...why should I have
to learn whole new penstrokes just to get it to recognize what my Newt
naturally does). I like the way the Newton's native phone/address book is
set up, I like the graphics apps for the Newton, and frankly it's just cool.
The only problem I've had (admittedly not learning enough on the best way to
do this), is getting my phone/address contact info from my Palm to my MP2K
easily (yes, I said Palm to Newton). I can't emphasize how many times Palm
messed up in NOT designing volatile memory into the Tungsten T...if the
battery goes...there goes all your contact data, very convenient (SARCASM:
ON) if that happens when u are nowhere near Palm Desktop (sigh). In the
end, call it what u may, but the Newton MP2000 series has a coolness factor
that will ALWAYS outweigh that of the Palm PDA (IMHO).

That being said, I'd love to hear some of the ways folks are using both.

Thanks in advance...


>From: "Jon Glass" <>
>Subject: [NTLK] Newtons and Palms together
>Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2006 19:30:57 +0200
>Here's a dumb question, no tomatoes please!
>I've come to appreciate and enjoy my little Tungsten T. It makes a
>great mp3 player, game machine, and is useful for storing files on its
>gig SD card, and I have even come to appreciate its PIM
>functions--although not so well done as the Newtons, they do have a
>simple beauty to them that I can appreciate.
>However, I really miss the screen space for writing notes and
>documents, as well as the wonderful Notepad stationery, oh, and
>NewtonWorks, esp. the spreadsheet. I've been trying a Palm
>spreadsheet, but it is just tooooo painful on the tiny 320x320 screen.
>Oh, and the horrid Grafitti, and tiny screen, and.... and.... are a
>bit frustrating in many other ways... But in any case, I've been
>holding off getting my cracked screen repaired due to financial
>considerations, but that time is drawing near to send it off to Frank
>for some TLC. ;-)
>Hence my question.....
>Is there anybody on this list who uses both on a regular/daily basis?
>Do you get them to interact? Are you able to get, for instance, Mac OS
>X to sync both via the Address Book? What do you do with each? I know
>what I'm thinking for my Palm/Newton combo. I'm curious what you do
>and how you do it. Any software in particular you find helpful? Any
>tricks, etc?
> -Jon Glass
>Krakow, Poland
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