Re: [NTLK] Newtons and Palms together

From: Mark Bock <>
Date: Thu Apr 20 2006 - 14:09:24 EDT

>Is there anybody on this list who uses both on a regular/daily basis?
>Do you get them to interact? Are you able to get, for instance, Mac OS
>X to sync both via the Address Book? What do you do with each? I know
>what I'm thinking for my Palm/Newton combo. I'm curious what you do
>and how you do it. Any software in particular you find helpful? Any
>tricks, etc?

I've gone back and forth to some extent between various Palm devices
and my Newton MP2100. As a platform I vastly prefer the Newton, but
the daily considerations of life make my latest Palm (a Tungsten T3)
the one I carry most often. The biggest consideration, of course, is
the size -- I can easily slide the Palm into my breast pocket,
whereas the Newton pretty much requires its carrying case. Having the
Palm always in my pocket makes it incredibly convenient to pull out
during a meeting, or in the car, or prior to a movie starting, or
whatever; the Newton's a little too big to do this conveniently.

Anyway, all that said, I haven't played too much with syncing data
between the Palm and the Newton. I tend to use them for different
tasks. I use the Newton more like an ultra-portable computer (it
really is the original UMPC...), whereas the Palm is just a basic PDA
that also happens to function as the brains and display of my car
satnav system (with TomTom Navigator software and a Bluetooth GPS

I've brought a number of memos from the Newton to the Palm by syncing
the Newton with my Powerbook, exporting the data from Claris
Organizer to Palm Desktop and hotsyncing my Palm. Actually, now that
I think about it, I think I've synced my address book that way as
well, except in reverse (it originated on an old Palm before I got
the Newton). I do recall that there was a little tweaking required in
the export/import process, but it's not hard to figure out.

This summer my cell phone contract is up for renewal, and I'm
seriously considering taking the plunge into a smartphone. Haven't
yet decided which one, except that anything running any flavor of
Windows is not under consideration. Problem is that I haven't found
any smartphone yet that has all the features I want. But when I do,
I'll be going through all this multi-device-syncing again.


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