Re: [NTLK] Grande Newton Offerings

From: John <>
Date: Sat Apr 22 2006 - 10:37:31 EDT

Well, I'm still trying to figure out an efficient way to offer
everything in my Newton collection ala carte to users on this list,
only, i.e. not auctioning via eBay to the general public at large.

However, there are two issues I face by not using eBay as follows:

1. The selling prices will theoretically be less than what I'd realize
via eBay due to a much smaller marketplace of buyers, but I can live
with this, as I have benefited over the years far beyond any amount in
sales revenue I'd loose so no problem really here.

2. Here's the real problem for me: By *not* using eBay I will need
to do *much* more clerical, administrative, billing, accounting, follow
up, on my own manually. Either way it'll take me much of half a day's
work just to photograph all the units and accessories. It's the
management time to administer each sale that's gonna end up killing me.

I don't mind paying eBay their cut because it's well worth the gains and
savings. But again these costs are not what is befuddling me. Again,
it's all the manual work and *time* I'll need to spend administrating
the sales. I must have a couple of dozen units/accessories to handle on
an individual basis.

Does anyone know of a *private* auctioning service like eBay but not
open to the public the way eBay is? If I can find a way to list
everything in an auction-style format like eBay, but privately offered
only to our members on the list then I'd get motivated to move on this.
I already am seeing that barely would have time to handle all this if I
*did* use eBay, so *without* eBay it's too much of a time consumer for
me at the moment. The service would need to handle all the daily details
of each item the way eBay does.

Any suggestions or ideas greatly appreciated.

TIA, John

Photo of my collection that I'd be offering ala carte:


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