[NTLK] [TRADE] Newton for a Zire?

From: Geoffery Forest <geoffreyforest_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sat Apr 22 2006 - 20:47:01 EDT

I wasn't really sure how to label the subject line...
My Newton 2000 has lately become basically my address book and somewhat a
calander/scheduler, and not 100% becaues of syncing issues with a mac. They
work together for me somewhat but not seamlessly. So I'd like to offer up
the Newton for a trade/sell to someone who would use it to its potential.
Its in pretty goood shape and has a leather flip top case, an orinoco silver
wifi card, an 8mb storage card, AA battery tray, and one of those fancy
panache orange-tipped styluses (styli?). I'd like to move to a palm zire
71/72 or tungsten t or e whatever. So if anyone's got one and would be
willing to trade for an MP2000, please email me off list. I can send
pictures and more description if you'd like.
I'll miss the little green guy, but hopefully someone else can put him to
good use.

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