Re: [NTLK] A day in the life

From: Newt Gwen <>
Date: Sun Apr 23 2006 - 03:46:15 EDT

> Is anyone else out there using a 130 as a day-to-day Newton?

Yes me :)

I have replace my 2100 by a Newton 130 for money reasons 4 years ago
and I still use it but I hope to find a new 2100 now. The MP 130 is
still a really great product, smaller that the 2XXX unit. I use it
for reading eBook, keeping some text that I found on internet and
manage my comics and vinyl collection (Yes, I still use vinyl LP and
not CD :)...) and also doing a lot of drawing for fun or to keep some
idea, it's my job, I am a cartoonist and it's really great do draw on
this big screen (not like on a Palm).

So, your not alone, but If I can get a new 2000 or 2100 unit I'll
take it :)


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