Re: [NTLK] Newton and Palm

From: Michael Schaefer <>
Date: Sun Apr 23 2006 - 05:56:00 EDT

Well, this has become of interest to me in the last week. My Boss got me a
imate Jamin, probably a bribe to stop me from departing and working for a
competitor which is offering huge salaries but that's another story.

And while I have only had it for 1 week I am already feeling guilty about
ignoring my trusted friend in the corner. I have to say the colour screen
really improves the readability of the screen and the ease of getting the
unit online for email, internet and even msn chats really blows me away.

But, it really is the small things in my mind that let the whole thing down.
Badly recognised HW and you have to go and press the Backspace key rather
than doing the little squggle. The screen has the worst touch you could
imagine. You can't tell if you have even hit the scren sometimes it has that
much give in the top layer. And Microsoft should really be shot for simply
moving the desktop interface concept to a pda rather than building an
interface for pdas.

I have had success with beaming Notes and Names from Newton and so far only
tried beaming a Note ( which looks to be effectivly a Word Document ) back
which failed evetry time. I was using Backtalk. I did try Nitro quite a
while ago but never got it to work properly and ended up buying Backtalk.

I plan to play with getting some syncing running. I used to sync my Newton
with Outlook so if I can get that running again I will try doing that so
that both the Newton and Jamin are kept up to date so I can keep using my
Newton for those tasks which I feel it is much better at.


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