[NTLK] Need Mail V Help - messages don't delete, are duplicated and don't update

From: Joseph Solin <jsolin_at_mac.com>
Date: Sun Apr 23 2006 - 09:19:49 EDT

I have a Newton 2100 and am using a Lucent Wireless card to connect
to the Internet.

I retrieve mail from my .Mac IMAP account with Mail V. Retrieved mail
is downloaded and stored on a flash card via an ATA driver.

Under preferences I have selected to "Leave Mail on Server" and
"Erase Deleted Messages". I have un-selected "Disconnect after send/

I am experiencing the following problems:

1) After send/receive my Internet connect is closed.

2) When I delete messages. They are not deleted from my mail account.
These messages are deleted off-line because my Internet connection is

3) If I delete a message from my mail account (say through my mail
client on my iMac) the message list on my Newton isn't updated to
reflect this change during the next send/receive.

4) When I change Simple mail preference to "Browse" instead of
"Download", my Internet connect REMAINS ACTIVE after a send/receive
and deleted messages ARE REMOVED from the mail server. However, when
I retrieve a message to read, it often re-downloads (creating a
duplicate) on the next send/receive. Messages removed from the mail
server via my mail client on my iMac are not updated on the Newton
during the next send/receive.

Can anyone provide some insight on how to make Mail V work under
these situations.


Joe Solin

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