[NTLK] upgrading 2000 to a 2100

From: Clayton Fixsen <cfixsen_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue Apr 25 2006 - 13:22:55 EDT

I recently added a wifi card to my MP2000. Now, I've never had any
problems with runnning of out of heap memory before, but now that I
have both WiFi card and a bluetooth card (which, btw, works great with
Cingular's GPRS and a Treo 650, once you get the settings down. If
anyone would like help, contact me)...well my Newton seems to be less
stable, reboots on large internet requests and such.

So I'm going to upgrade it to a 2100. My question is: how difficult is
it to do this? I've disassembled many things and upgraded/repaired
them (my Treo, remotes, pocket PCs, installed screen lighting kits in
Gameboys all kinds of things really). The only problem usually comes
when there a fragile clips or ribbon cables or that type of thing that
an inexperienced person not familiar with the layout might break.

Has anyone on the list tried doing the upgrade? I don't want to be
without my Newton for long, I use it nearly daily to take meeting
notes and email them to myself, etc. So if there's nothing really
fragile or odd about the inside of the Newton, should I attempt it

I should mention, unlike many on the list, I only have the ONE
newton...no backup.

So save the time and money, order the 2100 mobo and chance it? or send
it in for the upgrade?


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