Re: [NTLK] Replacement screen for 2x00

From: James Nichols <>
Date: Thu Apr 27 2006 - 17:32:34 EDT

The question really is, what part(s) of your screen are broken?

IIRC the mp2100 screen is made up of three parts, the backlight
panel, the lcd screen itself, and the digitizer-glass on top of that.
Each piece can be replaced independently of the others (though the
backlight replacement requires soldering IIRC). Which part(s) of your
screen are broken? Is the screen smashed, such that all of it is
broken? Was the digitizer panel/glass shattered, but the display
itself still shows up when powered on? Is the digitizer intact, but
you have solid / blank lines on the display where there shouldn't be

If you only need one or two pieces of the three, getting only those
pieces may be cheaper than a whole replacement package. It looks to
me that in that auction the picture is of the whole thing, all three
components, however they don't give us any details about the item in
the auction description - and I can't seem to find the cable that
leads to the digitizer panel in the photo - so I can't be sure.

I would use eBay to ask the seller exactly which components are
included in the auction. If its all three than no matter which way
your current screen is broken, the item in the auction should be enough.

Regardless Frank Gruendel's illustrated take apart is the definitive
guide for getting at an mp2x00's screen:

If you only need to replace the backlight he has a how-to for that as

As for the digitizer, the digitizer itself IIRC is built into the
metal shell wrapped around the top and sides of the display unit.
There are little metal flanges around the sides of this shell that
must be bent away from the display casing in order to remove it. Once
these are all free, it should just lift off. Putting a new one in is
simply the reverse.

Of course, if they have a full unit with all three parts in working
order it should be simply a matter of following the first take-apart
guide by Frank G.

Good Luck!

J. Tyler Nichols

On Apr 27, 2006, at 9:51 AM, Michael C. Wittmann wrote:

> Hi, all,
> 2100" for sale, item number 9713864145 for those who are interested.
> I have a 2100 with a broken screen. I'm kind of clueless about
> screens, so forgive me if these answers seem silly, but:
> 1. is this LCD screen enough to fix my screeen?
> 2. would I need the touch screen, too?
> 3. what else am I ignoring?
> The price is actually not bad, so if it's possible to do it, I'd love
> to fix my 2100 to have a spare. But, well, if it's only one part of
> many, then I'll just drop the dream...
> Michael
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