Re: [NTLK] Lucent WiFi card

From: Eddie Roosenmaallen <>
Date: Fri Apr 28 2006 - 12:28:51 EDT

Hi Clayton,
On 4/28/06, Clayton Fixsen <> wrote:
> it would be helpful to know what messages you get while trying to
> connect.

Using some drivers (Lucent WaveLAN/IEEE, NCR WaveLAN), if the DNS is
cached it fails silently (no message whatsoever, and SimpleMail
doesn't report that there's no new messages which is odd); if the DNS
is not cached, it reports that it cannot resolve the address.

Using other drivers (the IBM rebadged Lucent driver), I get error
-61001. Googling on that pointed to the AppleTalk prefs, but even when
they are reset correctly it doesn't connect.

> First, make sure you're not using WEP, it's easier to
> troubleshoot.

Unfortunately we can't shut off WEP at the office, but I'll suggest
Greg tries it at home with WEP off.

> Make sure the access point name (SSID) is correct down
> to the letter (I don't believe SSIDs are case sensitive, but it
> doesn't hurt to make it exactly the same).

Done, it doesn't make a difference.

> And Also, you might try configuring the card manually instead of with

We're already using manual setup, our old router was kind of flaky
with DHCP so we're in the habit of setting everything up manually.

Also, we don't have a manual for the card, so I'm not sure what the
LEDs mean - usually the LED on the right (power indicator, perhaps?)
comes on solid, sometimes with the LED on the left (data?) blinking.
Other times, both LEDs will blink together slowly.

Thanks again,

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