[NTLK] Backup problem

From: Frank Gruendel <newtontalk_at_pda-soft.de>
Date: Sat Apr 29 2006 - 10:35:03 EDT

> Well, I'm trying to gain access to my cracked-screen-2100, and finally
> figured out the command-period sequence to get past those pop-up
> windows with only an X in them, but now I can't get the keyboard to
> type my password! Anybody know if this is possible?

There might be another option. This, however, requires that the last
time you used the Dock, it was via the serial port.

1) Using another Newton or eMate, install DataRescue on a card.
2) On your desktop, start NCU or whatever you are using for backing
up through the serial port.
2) Plug te card into your broken Newton and turn it on. DataRescue will
connect to the desktop automatically.

That way you could at least put a backup on your desktop machine. If
you need it on a card, you could mail it to me and I could brainwipe
one of my Newtons, restore from your backup and backup to a card that
I could send your way.


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