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I would throw my hat in, indicating interest in a 2100, but certainly not
for the whole lot. You might consider taking input to see if in fact a
group purchase from the list might ease your burden and designate the
"largest" purchaser as the spokesperson, etc. and distribution head. Just a
thought and there are probably even better methods that will be suggested by
those that are quite a bit brighter and more experienced than I.


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>I must say I tend to agree with LG's suggestion. I know it's more
>hassle but I feel that you would get plenty of takers for "sets" or
>combos. Selling it all in one go would tend to only attract the
>commercial re-sellers given the indicated quantity.

... hi again, I was out of touch for a few days, but now back, and
reading all of the various suggestions regarding what strategy I should
choose to transfer my collection of Newtonia into the hands of many or
one. Thank you all for your help and generous suggestions, both on and
off list. Much appreciated.

I have to admit I fully understand all of the various approaches one
might choose from regardless of one's motivations, mine not *entirely*
being financial, i.e., would love to know my beloved Newts can be
assured or appropriate adoptions and a healthy environment in which to
flourish ;-)

As it stands, I am still hopelessly betwixt and betwittled as to the
exact fate of the lot.

The only remaining constant which I am able to at least begin tackling
is to inventory and photograph all of the items and begin some kind of
organizational process which I could then either bundle or un-bundle or
a la carte as a tactic.

Once accomplished, then perhaps I will revisit the final paredyme as to
the methodology of structuring the sales.

Many thanks to those who have emailed me on and off list for your
support, suggestions, and advise.

To be sure, I will make available items privately via THIS list
[assuming that is appropriate as a well-intentioned offering to those
Newtonionized] before I venture to the mass of eBay.



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