Re: [NTLK] hopefully not too [OT] for some...

From: J. M. Roegner <>
Date: Sat Dec 02 2006 - 00:27:08 EST

To the list:

The humor displayed is all too puerile.

I'm a lurker - I've been on the list for a decade and have had Newtons for
longer. In truth, this list long ago lost any real utility and I remained a
member largely out of nostalgia. I own half a dozen Newtons and still use an
N2K. That unit is one of the first, shipped in 1997, upgraded by Apple
complete with the lemony smell, and cherished.

Recently, I've noticed a move towards orthodoxy which is at odds with the
purpose of this list. A long-term member is castigated for advocating his
religious faith. Another violates the orthodox precepts closer to home: he
dared to suggest that a handheld (the Psion) had features more desirable
than the Newton. He was chastised.

Over the years I've seen many off-topic conversations. I can't say I've seen
any others with the disrespect shown to Sunny Hung. Apparently, it is
acceptable to ridicule and denigrate religion, but not acceptable to defend
it or profess one's faith. For shame to you who no doubt consider yourselves
on the frontlines of tolerance. What are you afraid of? Many subjects have
had nothing to do with the Newton. You hide behind the notion that this is a
PDA forum, but tolerate no deviation from your orthodoxy and have no sense
of community. You should be ashamed at your own parochialism but I doubt you

For me, this list has ended its usefulness. This is no longer a community
but a list where free software and conformist opinions are the only viable
topics. Certainly no one will miss me, as I am a lurker and I think my last
post was three or four years ago. Consider my departure as you will. But
don't expect me to take notice of replies to this message. My next e-mail
after this one will be to unsubscribe from this list. Oh, and don't bother
to send me e-mails trying to buy my Newtons. They're not for sale, and even
if they were, they certainly wouldn't be to the likes of you.

> From: Peter Fraser <>
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> Date: Fri, 01 Dec 2006 15:43:56 -0800
> To: <>
> Subject: Re: [NTLK] hopefully not too [OT] for some...
> thanks for the well-considered post on the always-thorny topic of off-topic.
> i must have missed the crudeness or vulgarity and nastiness - will have to
> sort back through.
> i too am grateful for the respect everyone typically has for varying religious
> beliefs. our own is one that is often reviled, although here in California we
> have found more acceptance than in most other areas. sacrificial offerings
> just don't rest well with some people. and it's great that nobody insulted
> our offer of support for Sonny.
> but support is support, and i'm glad to lend such support to Sonny - who is
> indeed a deserving and nice person. several of us have provided support, each
> in our own ways. newtons aside, this is a sort of fellowship and folks in
> fellowship support each other.
> our next esbat is tonight at midnight, and we'll be sending all good things
> your way, sonny.
> On Friday, December 01, 2006, at 12:57PM, "Jon Glass" <>
> wrote:
>> On 12/1/06, James Grubic <> wrote:
>>> Can we please keep this off list please? This is supposed to be about
>>> Newton PDAs.
>> I've held my tongue, but it's reached the point that I can no longer be
>> silent.
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