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Date: Sat Dec 02 2006 - 02:05:49 EST

hi Y'all

I check in every few years to see how the Newton die-hards are getting on. In the last week or so I did get some good tips and am considering adding WiFi to my 2100s, but what's all the praying about?

I'm involved in over a dozen discussion groups related to software, soapmaking, hardware, vehicles, and specific programs I need for work. Altogether I've never seen so much personal intimacy. Not even in the Wicca soapmaker group! Oh, wait a minute, the other soap group is run by a woman who had cancer and several other health problems--there was quite a bit of warm hugs and sympathy going around there for a while... To be expected in such a group, I suppose. But in the Newton group?

I just had major surgery in October. I haven't mentioned it in any of the dozen groups. It's irrelevant.

There are thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of lists, groups, etc where lonely people can share their sorrows. There are probably hundreds for cancer patients and aids patients and people returning from war. There is no shortage of sympathetic ears. There is no need to bring your personal life here.

I hope I'm not offending any tender sensibilities, but that's my story and I'm stickin to it.

Tom Swell


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