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Syncing adresses to the Newton goes great with NCU/MacOS 9 and inf.

And Palm Desktop is the exact successor of Claris Desktop, the software
NCU uses to sync Newton data to the Desktop computer.

Exporte your Palm Desktop files using the File>Export command. Choose
the tab seperated file.

Install Claris Desktop and choose File>Import. Import your adresses.

Sync with NCU.

You're done.

Otherwise, for the MacOS X folks, export your Palm adresses using
File>Export and choose the vCard type; import into iCal, and sync with
nSync. nSync is maybe less stable than NCU, but it works quite well.

Example here :


HTH, regards,


Le samedi 2 décembre 2006, newtontalk@newtontalk.net
(newtontalk@newtontalk.net) a écrit :

>I am trying to move my palm address list into my Newton.
>I am using NCK 2.0 in OS9 connected to my OMP OS 1.05
>I can easily copy and paste notes (text) into the newton but I can't
>figure out a way to export
>address data from palm desktop to transfer into Newton names.
>Note: my address list is also in OSX addressbook...maybe I could
>export from there?
>Any ideas?

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