[NTLK] Newton.tek-ed.com site down for morning of the 7th

From: Ed Kummel <tech_ed_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Thu Dec 07 2006 - 00:40:54 EST

My power company told me that they will switching power services and I will be without power for 5 hours...unfortunatly, I only have 3 hours of battery backup on my servers, which means I'll go down and probably won't be back until I get home from work...So, I will most likely be down the whole day...
Just incase some of you out there need to use my site for anything.
web/gadget guru

Don't You Love Mistyping URL's....
....when they turn out to be pretty neat.

In this case I was trying for Engadget.com, and instead wound up at www.edgadget.com which appears to have lots of Newton software.

 - ProfessorF from the UK pcpro/macuser forum
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