[NTLK] [ANN] NPDS Updates Galore!

From: Grant Hutchinson <grant_at_splorp.com>
Date: Thu Dec 07 2006 - 23:20:33 EST

On behalf of Paul Guyot, I am pleased to announce the release of the following NPDS modules. It's
kind of nice to have something fresh around here after so long, isn't it?

To obtain help or ask questions about these updates or anything else to do with turning your Newton
into a web server, please join to the NPDS mailing list.


Install, play, enjoy.

nHTTPd 2.107


* New API for SSIs that allow modules to define lazy evaluated SSIs and SSIs
   with parameters, passed as HTML attributes. NoteServ 2.103 makes use of
   this feature. The SSIs of the server itself have also been reworked to
   be based on lazy evaluation.
* The scripts can also take parameters. The parameters are passed as HTML
   attributes and are available in the script in the param.attributes
Documentation covering the new script parameters will be posted to the NPDS site and announced here


Full release notes:


nHTTPd Setup 2.102


* Updated code for nHTTPd 2.107 changes.


Full release notes:


Notepad Server 2.103


* No longer use VBO to handle notes list. The lists aren't large enough and
   the result is converted to a regular string by the server anyway.
* Make large use of the new nHTTPd API for SSI (2.107 or higher):
  - the new <notes> tag with options replaces the old note list tags.
  - the SSIs that relied on functions are only evaluated when nHTTPd feels
    the need to evaluate them (with the previous APIs, the modules had to
    figure out which SSI would need to be evaluated and therefore the test
    was done twice, once by the module and once by the server before the
* Added a new <notescount> tag with options that displays the count of notes.
* If nHTTPd 2.107 or higher isn't installed, the SSIs will display:
    "Please install nHTTPd 2.107 or higher"

Documentation covering the new SSI tags will be posted to the NPDS site and announced here shortly.


Full release notes:


Debug 500 Page 1.0

This module patches the default NPDS 500 error page by adding the name
of the exception that occurred. A status code 500 is returned when the
server encounters an unexpected condition preventing it from fulfilling
the requested action.


Full read me:



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