Re: [NTLK] Recharging disposable AA batteries?

From: James Wages <>
Date: Fri Dec 08 2006 - 19:22:18 EST

On 12/9/06 12:03 AM, Dan <> wrote:
> Well one thing to check, in your In/out box click on the i then beaming
> preferences and turn off "receive automatically".

Dad, I've looked everywhere but I can't find any kind of "Beaming"
preference. And it's not listed in my Newton prefs dialog either. I've
never used IR beaming before, so I am not familiar with how to set it up.
Could you guide me?

My sleep time is set to "1 minute."

I have a 32MB linear flash card in one slot and the other slot is always
empty. Most packages are frozen. No modem or WiFi in use.


James Wages

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