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From: Adriano <>
Date: Sun Dec 10 2006 - 13:34:06 EST

Marty, you are completely correct.

Talking some more about it, expecially for who still didn't have the
chance to visit the product webpage, I can say that the Newton
Bluetooth Dongle
is a bluetooth audio transmitter which sends Newton outcoming audio
to any compatible bluetooth headset or receiver. When receving a
phone call, the dongle then stops forwarding audio from the Newton
and starts ringing to advice about the call. Following is a list of
useful links:

The Newton Bluetooth Dongle

Bluetooth stereo receiver:

Bluetooth Car Kit, review:

Headset & Car Kit Combo, review:

An entire stock of devices compatible with the Newton Bluetooth Dongle:

Here's a collection of additional (and if annoying for some, sorry)
tech details:

Each bluetooth headset come with a preset password which is then used
for pairing. Most used passwords are "1234" or "0000".
The Pico Bluetooth Card in example have a password preset to "1234",
which the Blunt drivers simply override.
[ Note: Pairing mode is needed to avoid other people to use your own
bluetooth device. (Blunt takes care of it too) ]

Once powered, each time it's powered, the Newton Bluetooth Dongle
pairs automatically with any bluetooth headset
with a password preset to "0000". Considering that the most bluetooth
stereo headsets come exactly with such preset,
I then took the chance to build an adaptor which could do its job w/o
any support needed by the user.

The dongle supports audio transmission to a distance of 10 metres (30
feets circa), of course w/o walls filtering the signal.

To pair with a compatible headset, this one must be put on pairing
mode too. This happens just keepping its power button pressed for 5sec.
Once paired, any audio signal emitted by the Newton, including the
system sounds, will be sent to the paired bluetooth device.

The Newton Audio Preferences Panel makes possible to output audio
through the internal speaker and the bluetooth dongle contemporary.
Imagine: One can leave the receiver placed in an adiacent room and
play your MP3 library while keeping the MessagePad in his hand.

Then although the Newton outputs audio in mono, the bluetooth
receiver will get it in stereo, and the purist will find difficult to
the difference cause every bluetooth stereo device will have
bluetooth firmware v1.2 installed, while to get true stereo quality
via bluetooth,
firmware v2.0 is the only concrete way to go through.


10/dic/06 Martin Joseph wrote:

> If you look at the link, it's quite explained. It plugs into the
> NIC, and when audio is played, it automatically powers on and pairs
> to a Bluetooth headset. Pretty slick really. Nice work Adriano!
> Too bad about that whole Newton being mono thing...
> Marty
>> On 9. Dec, 2006, at 18:21, Adriano wrote:
>>> Hello again newtonians,
>>> I would love to take bring at your attention the Newton Bluetooth
>>> Dongle
>>> This wireless audio dongle is different from any other on the market
>>> for two reasons:
>>> 1. It works only with the MessagePad2x00.
>>> 2. It is completely automatic: No buttons are needed to turn it
>>> on or
>>> to activate pairing.
>>> It works automatically on any existing audio software made for
>>> Newton,
>>> including the standard audionotes or the cool MadMax Newton MP3
>>> player.

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