From: Roland Saekow <pockyrevolution_at_mac.com>
Date: Mon Dec 11 2006 - 17:18:45 EST

Hi all!
I have just become the owner of a Newton 2100. I have been reading
the archives, and have determined that I may be able to install
packages onto my Newton by way of my Powerbook 1400cs which has a IR
port. However, upon running IrDA Package Installer 0.1.4, I was
notified that I did not have the IrDa extension or control panel on
my powerbook. After searching all over my old files, I have
determined that I have deleted them.

Does anyone have the IrDa extension or control panel on their Mac OS
8 or 9 computer?

The control panel is called "Infrared Control Panel" and the
extension is called "IrDALib Extension". There is also a
"IrLanScannerPPC Extension" but I'm not sure if that is required.

If anyone could send me these files, I would be happy to host them in
an archive along with IrDA Package Installer 0.1.4 so that future
Newtons could benefit!


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