Re: [NTLK] looking for a valid (85MB)

From: Alaric Dyson <>
Date: Tue Dec 12 2006 - 16:37:25 EST

This is the original copy from Unna that I have been using all along without
any problems. I just recompressed it from the bailisk directory using
Winrar. I'm not sure why you're having problems. It works well for me. I
don't recall having any CRC problems when I decompressed it the first time.

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Subject: Re: [NTLK] looking for a valid (85MB)

> Something is rotten here. I bet the rar you provide has be created
> just by repacking in rar the UNNA corrupt archive. I tried WinZip,
> PowerPacker (Win) and unzip (Linux) to uncompress the UNNA archive,
> all of them bail out with CRC error. Only StuffIt for Windows gave no
> error during unpacking. It doesn't mean the UNNA archive is ok. I
> suppose StuffIt simply stopped the unpacking when the CRC error was
> detected leaving already uncompressed crippled image on harddrive. My
> hypothesis: you provided us with a properly packed (by rar) corrupted
> HFS dsk image.
> Check this link:
> and look for:
> its size is 85MB, not 66.09 like the current archive at UNNA....

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