[NTLK] eMate for my baby?

From: Sascha Segan <me_at_saschasegan.com>
Date: Wed Dec 13 2006 - 08:20:08 EST

Hello all. I'm hoping you folks can help.

I have a baby, just about a year old, who is very into Mommy's and Daddy's
computers - sometimes, a bit too literally "into" them. To distract her,
we'd like to get her a tiny little laptop of her own. The toy VTech and
Fisher-Price laptops just seem too babyish for our geek family; I'd like to
get her something that reflects our tech values. I've seen eMates on eBay
for $50. My question is, I'd need to either find or write "baby software"
for the device.


Baby software responds with a large image or sound whenever baby presses a
random or specific key. For instance, if you press "a", a giant "a" appears
on the screen, and a voice says "A." Or, just, random keypresses cause
graphic and sound events to occur. This software is available for PC and Mac


Is anything similar available or easily programmable for the eMate/Newton
platform? I imagine I could use a flash-card program if suitably flexible,
or maybe there's something that will fit my bill exactly. Hypercard would
have been a great platform for this, of course. Otherwise, I'd have to
program it from my PC or Mac (we have both, of course) - can you point me in
the right potential directions there? (Pity I can't write it in


I'd really prefer the baby to be pounding on and drooling into an Apple
product than some piece of V-Tech if the prices aren't too different.





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