From: John <>
Date: Wed Dec 13 2006 - 13:11:47 EST, I've been to Coney Island, as I'm sure have you! Funny you
mentioned the Poutine thing.

So, as for the IrDA printing thing, then it's generally agreed that no
matter what you have to take the "Poutine break" and therefore I need
not waste time chasing after a fix or update or driver or whatever as in
the end it's won't yield any significant results?

.....which BTW is fine. I'm okay with the "sloth spool effect" if this
be the case. It is of great amusement and exhilaration to me to live in
a world whereby electrons, rays, beams, are coursing through the very
air I inhale ;-)

I's still a visceral wonder to me.

Guess I'm an OP*



>a hot order of Poutine (which I'm still
>not sure how it tastes but thing of it as an order of Nathan's Fries
>with Cheese (of course different cheese and some other ingredients...)
>anyone local to the NYC, NY area make this or know of a place that's
>at least decent? please chime in...

OP: Old Person

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