[NTLK] [FS or T] Mac and newton related gear

From: Clayton Mitchell <claytonmitchell_at_mac.com>
Date: Thu Dec 14 2006 - 12:47:01 EST

Hello list, I have not been posting lately but have been lurking on
and off. Because of the talk about SE Mac's and their ilk I thought
I would offer some items of possible interest.

I have a working LaswrWriter 4/600 with toner. It is appletalk only
and works with newton. It is not the fastest printer on the block
but the quality is great.

I also have 2 LaCie external SCSI CD drives new in the box. These
have never been used and have all manuals and cables and terminators.

I have one SCSI Zip100 with cables. Not new, no click of death that
I know of.

All of the above can be used with the SE style of mac.

I also have a few mac serial cables

I also have a Quadra 800 with monitor keyboard cables etc.

I do not want much for these items any reasonable offer is
acceptable. I will also trade for newton items I have eMates and an
OMP and I am wanting a 2000/2100 ( a dongle would be appreciated as
all of my transfers are via serial but I could use ethernet if I had
a card).

I do not do eBay or paypal, both are the decline of the western

Happy holidays!!

Clayton Mitchell
Jane Evans Language Center
Drake University

Clayton Mitchell

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