[NTLK] FS: eMate lot (4mb upgrade, Print Pack, USB-28x)

From: Mr Jonathan Dueck <jonathandueck_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Wed Dec 20 2006 - 10:40:48 EST

Hi, folks,

Now that I've got this fantastic new 2100, I've got to
sell my (also fantastic :) ) eMate 300. It's in great
shape, and I'm selling the whole lot of it + several
accessories. I'll sell it on-list as a package for
$100 plus shipping (actual shipping cost), or I'll
part it out (on eBay, or make me an offer) if there's
not interest in it from the list.

Here's what I'd sell for $100 + shipping:

The eMate itself in perfect working condition (all
ports, keys, stylus, screen) and in great cosmetic
shape (the sticker on the underside of the case has a
small piece missing), with a working backlight
(noticeably dimmer than a new backlight), with a
near-new (bought new 3 mo's ago) internal battery and
a Newer 4mb internal RAM upgrade install, and an
installed NuShield screen protector (used about 1mo;
I've never used this unit without a screen protector
installed); (also, I did the the hinge repair on this
eMate when I bought it about a year ago).
A Keyspan USB-Twin USA-28x High-speed USB-serial
adapter, and an Apple serial / localtalk cable (these
Keyspan USB-Twins only work on Macs)
An Intel 6mb Linear Flash card
A Newton 9W power adapter
A Newton Print Pack cable (ends in parallel port;
tested and works fine!)
A Pretec 33.6 internal PCMCIA modem (bought as a
package with Newton 2100, but never used by me)

Email me off-list if you're interested (jonathandueck
<at> yahoo.com). I'll also post photos on my site, if
you're interested in seeing how this all looks:


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