Re: [NTLK] [ANN] Newton Connection for Mac OS X

From: James Wages <>
Date: Tue Dec 26 2006 - 08:58:19 EST

The Installer log reads as follows:

 @(#)PROGRAM:Install PROJECT:Install-139 DEVELOPER:root BUILT:Aug 16 2006
 @(#)PROGRAM:Installer PROJECT:Installer-86 DEVELOPER:root BUILT:Jan 30
2006 14:29:06\n
 Hardware: PowerMac5,1 @ 1700 MHz, 1280 MB
 Running OS Build: 8L127
 Newton Connection Installation Log
 Opened from: /Volumes/NCX-21/NCX Installer.pkg
 It took 0.119939 seconds to load 7 UI sections
 It took 1.001791 seconds to finish launching.
 Distribution: Newton Connection
 Installation checks completed successfully.
 admin auth received to install
 User picked Easy Install
 Choices selected for installation:
     Install: "Newton Connection"
         NCX Installer.pkg : com.newton.connection :
 It took 0.001719 seconds to summarize the package selections.
 Starting installation:
 Preparing volume "Hard Disk" for installation
 Configuring volume "Hard Disk"
 Preparing local booted disk
 Create temporary directory "/private/tmp/NCX Installer.pkg.477fGgBit"
 Processing Newton Connection:
     Initialize patching
     Determining files to install
     Evaluating versions of bundles
     Evaluating custom file version checking
     Configuring deferred files
     Assembling temporary receipt
     Performing pre-extraction actions
 ==== It took 0.077151 seconds to check for prebinding
     Creating destination path
     Extracting files
 BomFatalError - cpio read error: bad file format
     469 files looked up in 0.04 seconds. 468 files written in 1.87 seconds.
     9108 kilobytes installed.
 Install failed: Some files for NCX Installer may not have been written
 Private/Total = (4.9MB, 64.9MB), Heap/Total = (2.4MB, 17.8MB),
Regions(malloc, private) = (28, 33)
 It took 4.157590 seconds to unsuccessfully install "Newton Connection" (1
     It took 1.051071 seconds to Configuring volume "Hard Disk" (dm
     It took 0.077375 seconds to Create temporary directory
"/private/tmp/NCX Installer.pkg.477fGgBit"
     It took 3.028637 seconds to Install Newton Connection: 20 elements
         It took 3.020737 seconds to unsuccessfully Install package Newton
             It took 0.205811 seconds to Build install plan (& redirected
             It took 0.075933 seconds to Evaluating versions of bundles
             It took 0.365511 seconds to Assembling temporary receipt
             It took 0.159558 seconds to Collect path info (ATS, Sec Equiv,
Kext, Pref Panes)
             It took 2.212963 seconds to Write files

 Summary Information
 Type Elapsed time (sec)
           patch 0.000085
            zero 0.078120
         extract 2.212963
          config 0.441882
         receipt 0.365511
            disk 1.051129
         install 3.028637

The ³BomFatalError² line seems to indicate the problem. But I must defer to
the author to know how to address it.



James Wages

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