Re: [NTLK] [ANN] Newton Connection for Mac OS X

From: Adriano <>
Date: Tue Dec 26 2006 - 14:00:56 EST


NCX is revolutionary!!!

Tested your nice app on OSX 10.4.8. It works perfectly.
Installed fine, fastly and without the need to reboot.

I really love the icon you designed, simple and polite,
and much thanks for using a layout so similar to the original NCU.

I have found that the capability to make a selective backup
is really the most amazing feature. You can't imagine how much
I would have loved to make NCU capable of doing that!

Releasing for free to the community an application of such importance
is really unpayable. In a word I can admit you are a gentleman.

On next weeks I will build and donate to you a complete connectivity
Hope to be able to complete and include a special keyboard adapter I
am working on.

Then dear Marcus, responding to your question, NCX fully recognizes
all the usb adapters I have built, known as:

  - NewtUSB (out of sale)
  - NewtUSB Pro (limited edition - out of sale)
  - Newton USB Dongle (available for sale since this december)
  - NewtUSB Pro v2 (available on Jan 2007)

All the users who bought the above mentioned adapters,
(apart the Newton USB Dongles which will ship on next january only),
they reported an overall pleasant experience, other than easier than
with Keyspan's.

Again much thanks and compliments to Simon,
and may the New Year's Eve could be sweet like chocolate
for we all.


24/dic/06 Simon Bell wrote:

> As some of you know, for the past year or so I have been working
> secretly on yet another NCU replacement, with the aim of syncing
> Newton data reliably with OS X.

26/dic/06 Marcus Hammerschmitt wrote:

> Simon, Steve, forgive me for butting in, but what might be the best
> (read: fastest) and most reliable syncing and installing method with
> NCX?
> You might not know it yet, but will NCX do cabled ethernet?
> Will it be compatible with Adriano Angelilli's USB-solution?
> Or will a Keyspan adapter be required?
> Sorry if these questions sound pointless or superfluous in some
> way. I'm on WinXP so far, but intend to migrate to an iMac in 07.
> Best,
> Marcus

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