Re: [NTLK] [ANN] Newton Connection for Mac OS X

From: James Wages <>
Date: Wed Dec 27 2006 - 07:31:26 EST

Well, I tried installing again as Root user to no avail. I then tried using
the app that I installed on my Cube at work, but that wouldn't launch
either, much to my amazement. Repaired permissions again, and booted off
the Tiger DVD so I could use Disk Utility to repair my HD. Still a no go.

I finally decided, what the heck, download the silly installer again...
What do you know, it worked this time. Go figure!

I must say that this NCX app is nifty. Works perfectly now with my Keyspan
serial adapter -- and at long last, natively under OS X! Yeah! Excellent
work, Simon!

The only thing is, I cannot tell how fast the communication speed is over
serial cable. I installed a few packages of various sizes, but I can't feel
that it's any faster than it ever has been. Also, I am unable to connect
with anything but the "Serial" selection in the Dock popup.

Here are all the choices in the Dock popup:

Serial - 2400
Serial - 4800
Serial - 9600
Serial - 57600

If I boot into OS 9, I can use "Serial - 57600" with a patched version of
NCU to get some decent transfer speeds. With NCX, I am forced to use the
topmost "Serial" connection. And so I would like to ask, how fast does this
"Serial" setting transfer?

One of the biggest headaches with NCU was the limitation on serial speed.
Since the theoretical speed of the Keyspan adapter is 230kbps, would NCX be
able to take advantage of that? I don't feel that it's transferring quite
THAT fast though.

Thanks again,

James Wages

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