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From: Zwerling <>
Date: Thu Dec 28 2006 - 10:08:25 EST

Thanks for the feedback. I was pretty sure my idea was impractical. I
had a reasonable arrangement with the modem card and old cell phone,
but that is no longer an option. Old cell phones don't stand up like
old Newtons! I was hoping for a a900 cable that would attach the
phone to my card modem, but that does not appear to exist, nor have I
found any diagrams for making one.

I have been considering, as a solution to my connectivity issues, a
move to a 2100 with a bluetooth and/or a wifi card, but to be honest,
I hate to admit that my MP130 is finally obsolete. It just doesn't
seem right somehow. (Talk about sentimentalism! But then I still have
a 1975 BMW motorcycle and a 1970 Land Rover that continue to serve me
well. I no longer have the DEC pdp11-23+ or the TI-99a though, so I'
am progressing - I think.)

Well, I know all the advantages of a move to a 2100: more processor,
more memory, more connectivity options, but I have always liked the
size, feel and functionality of the 130.

I'll just have to learn to let go.

Stephen Zwerling

Nova Scotia, Canada

On Dec 28, 2006, at 1001, John wrote:

>> Is there a way to use this phone with the Newton?
> My comment here is probably of no use as you clearly state your
> cable is USB.
> That said, I distinctly recall [and this may or may not be obvious to
> others as de facto knowledge regarding Newtons and cellphones] one day
> while I was in Princeton with my Newton 2100 in 1998 hooking my
> cellphone to my Newton and doing "something", perhaps faxing, perhaps
> browsing, I forget now.
> In any event, I do recall the Newton had a fax/modem PC card with the
> push-in spring-out standard RJ-11/15 phone jack.
> Then a cable ran from my phone, which was probably a StarTac, to the
> Newton. It worked great, albeit slow.
> You probably already have done this but if not scour the Net via
> search
> engines for another cable topology for your Samsung 900, etc., right?
> Best of luck, never give up, never,
> John
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