Re: [NTLK] OT (a bit anyway) The Ninety-Nine Cent Emate

From: Larry Zasitko <>
Date: Fri Dec 29 2006 - 13:01:21 EST

Congrats on the new 'toy'. I bought one a couple years back and if I
recall right I paid $50.00 plus shipping which I thought at the time
was a good deal. I use it almost as much as my Newton 2100. While I
had bought a palm and then a ppc the Newton sat for a bit but for
some things I kept going back to the 2100/eMate, well the palm got a
broken screen and was not worth fixing and the ppc's battery died and
I decided the Newton was better so it (ppc) has sat since then.

Only thing missing was being able to sync the Newton to my PowerBook
but that may be changing which will be very good. I have to find the
usb to serial that I bought a couple years ago and could never get to
work and see if the new ncu well work again. If all fails I still
have an old Powermaac that I used to sync with.

Enjoy the eMate and don't worry about what will happen down the road,
just paly with it and you like everyone will see what an interesting
idea it was. I still get asked about the Newton all the time and
people keep telling me that Apple should have never stopped selling

Newton OMP
Newton 110
Newton 130
Newton 2100
iMac, one of the old ones
Clamshell iBook SE
PowerBook 12" superdrive etc, yes lot of 'toys' :-)

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