[NTLK] Newton stuff for sale

From: Tom W. <canadian.bear_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sat Jul 01 2006 - 13:33:11 EDT

I have a bunch of Newton stuff I want to sell:

1 2100 with rebuilt (albeit not a pretty rebuild) battery pack.
Backlight works fine. Screen is good.
1 2100 missing door, no battery or cage, lower card eject button
missing. Seems to work okay.
1 130 works fine, door gets stuck (you just pull it. the latch just
doesn't seem to work properly). Backlight works fine.
1 130 in good shape and working door, but backlight doesn't work
1 120 works fine - good screen.
None of them have scratched up screens, but bodies have typical wear.
Also have:
battery cage
2 big adapters (is that 9 W?)
2 small adapters (7W?)
2 e-mates - both need battery backs rebuilt - one needs new backlight.
both seem to work okay
1 Newton 2000 box with manual in good shape and other documentation inside.

I would prefer to bubble wrap these pieces and throw them in a box. I
think you could count on about $30 shipping in North America.
Make an offer on all or part, though I would dearly like to just get
rid of everything.
Tom (in Canada, Niagara Region)

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