Re: [NTLK] eProbe for eMate

From: Adam Goddard <>
Date: Sat Jul 08 2006 - 06:53:42 EDT

On 08/07/2006, at 3:43 PM, John Derbyshire wrote:
> Everyone can have eProbe for eMate. The Knowledge Revolution company's
> eProbe was a set of rebadged Vernier products plus Knowledge
> Revolution's Mate software. Thanks to Vernier's Legacy policy
> everything in the eProbe sale (and a lot more) is still available from
> Vernier.

Does anyone know if there is a multimeter like programme? I have a
couple of digital multimeters that output serial, but I can build
something simple for just voltage, current and frequency to a serial
port. Will the eProbe software accept this data, or is it special coded
serial data? Basically, I'd like to use my MP2100 as a glorified

   - Adam Goddard

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