[NTLK] It works! Knology dialup successful

From: Jim Felder <felder_at_knology.net>
Date: Wed Jul 12 2006 - 23:51:01 EDT

Long story short, it is easier to troubleshoot NIE from a Newton
browser than from a Newton mail program.

i had several problems going on (including an extra space, Betty) but
now NewtScape and GoFetch are working. No script needed, either.

It was important for me to get some kind of connectivity going. I
don't have classic installed on my mac to run NCU, so now I can email
myself text from notepad. I am using NewTen to install packages. One
day I'll get Classic and NCU set up and all will be swell. Till then,
I've got a good workaround.

What's everybody's favorite browser these days? Mail?


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