Re: [NTLK] Classic Install Question

From: dano <>
Date: Sun Jul 16 2006 - 00:33:24 EDT

At 10:15 PM -0500 7/15/06, Jim Felder wrote:
>Tell me if I should be posting this elsewhere.
>When I installed Mac 10.4 a few months back, I never thought I'd be
>in the Newton business again. So I didn't install Classic. Now, of
>course, I need to for NCU.
>What's the best way of installing Classic, leaving all my Mac's
>personality and settings and apps intact. I have a 250 gig firewire
>drive with plenty of room for the move, I just need to know what to
>move and how to move it.

It very much depends on the 10.4 installer disk. If you used a disk
that came with a Mac then you have the Classic installer on the disk.
(Kind of hidden, but it's there.)

If you have a standalone 10.4 installer then it does not have Classic.

Doing a Classic install is just running the installer. It will leave
all the OSX stuff alone.

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