[NTLK] Classic running, no connection, now what?

From: Jim Felder <felder_at_knology.net>
Date: Sun Jul 16 2006 - 15:19:41 EDT

Upon the advice of several on this list, I tried installing OS 9 by
booting from various startup disks I have. No dice. I borrowed my
daughter's imac and copied her Classic folder onto it, where it had
the correct-looking folder with the 9 on it. Then I copied that onto
my Mac's HD, and it no longer had the 9. It isn't recognized as a
classic folder there, either. Hasn't been blessed? How do you do that?

Anyway, classic fires up because it is found on my external HD where
I first copied it, and it runs fine. However, I still can't connect
to my Newton, apparently an Appletalk issue. I'm told to "reinstall
the communications tools."

What should I try next?



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