Re: [NTLK] Classic running, no connection, now what?

From: James Nichols <>
Date: Sun Jul 16 2006 - 20:39:05 EDT

Heres a trick I remember from back when I was using os 9 exclusively,
I'm not certain if it will help from within OS X:

In the finder, drag either the "Finder" or "System" file out of the
os 9 system folder that is being recalcitrant. Then, drag the file
you removed back into the system folder. At least on os 9, doing this
would bless the folder if the major components required for os 9
happened to be present.

There are programs out there (check that can
specifically bless a give folder if the above doesn't help.

As for the communication tool error, you may be missing some random
system extension for os 9. If you could email me a list of the files
in the Extensions folder of your os 9 folder you are using to boot
classic I can look it over to figure out which one. To do this I'd
suggest routing the output of the unix command "ls" (list files in
current directory) to a file "ls > fileList.txt" via the terminal.

J. Tyler Nichols

On Jul 16, 2006, at 1:55 PM, Jim Felder wrote:

>> The "blessing" for classic is issued by the System Preferences/
>> Classic
>> control panel when you select the folder you want to run classic
>> from...
> I don't get a choice. The system looks for an OS 9 folder for a long
> time, and finds it on my external hard drive. It does not find the
> one on my local drive
> Thanks, cool, I did this.
> But I still get this message:
> "Could not select an Appletalk connection because the selected
> communication tool was now found. Try reinstalling the communication
> tools."
> Ideas?
> Jim

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