[NTLK] Another way to get software on your Newt

From: Matthew Atkinson <matthewatkinson13_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue Jul 18 2006 - 23:09:53 EDT

Hello Listers (there's that Red Dwarf reference again)!
Here's my situation - I've got an MP2100 that I've been trying to get some
more software on. I USED to have a beige G3 with a serial port so I could
use NewTen, but I got rid of it. Currently I've got 3 Macs and a Newton
(with a fair amount of software on it, including NIE and Newtscape) but no
easy way to install Newton software.
Since I'm cheap, I don't feel like paying $60+ for a Keyspan adaptor, but I
still want a way to put more stuff on it. I'd email it to myself and
download it to the Newt that way, but I'm having problems finding a free
email account that's not SSL protected, etc, etc. Since I can get online, I
COULD have simply gotten the PKGs from the website, but I find it's a pain
to navigate the web on the Newton to find everything. Unna loads
s-l-o-w-l-y for me, so drilling down for every PKG I wanted was out. And
some sites don't offer the PKGs, just ZIP/SIT/HQX/BIN/whatever of the PKG,
so not doable from the Newton itself.
So I turned my MacBook into a webserver. and installed from it
Here's what I did - YMMV (these steps are from memory, so don't kill me if
they're wrong):
- Turned on Web sharing in OS X (System
Preferences->Sharing->Services->check "Personal Web Sharing")
- Put any Newton PKGs I wanted to install into this folder: (your hard
- I also had to delete all the "starter" documents in the folder, otherwise
they'll pop up with some Apache webserver information when you access them
- Got on my home network and navigated to the IP address of my MacBook using
Newtscape (just put the IP address in the address bar)
- The PKGs showed up in Newtscape, I selected them, they downloaded and I
installed them - QED

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