Re: [NTLK] eMate batteries deplete very quickly

From: Dan <>
Date: Sun Jul 23 2006 - 17:58:29 EDT

On 7/21/2006 6:24 PM, Mr Jonathan Dueck wrote:
> Recently, though, I've found that the batteries
> discharge quickly, sometimes in 3 hours between quick
> charges that seem to be "full" (green light is on). I
> swapped my remade battery pack out and put in the
> original pack, plugged the eMate in overnight, and
> found that I got 15+ hours of battery life. But the
> next recharge, I got less battery life.
> And it seems to be dwindling to maybe 5-6 hours of
> time at this point.
> This is all well and good, but I'd rather not have to
> unplug and replug my Newton to get rid of what I'm
> sure isn't, but what seems a bit like, the "memory"
> effect that NiCads used to have.
> Any ideas? Is my charger going bad? Something in the
> Newton? A trick I can do?

Well the good news is your charger is not going bad. The bad news is
your batteries might be. One thing I have found helpful is to reset the
emate via the reset button. This resets the power system and it might
fix your problem. Another trick that has been useful is to take the
pack and put it in the freezer for a day then get it out, bang it around
a bit (not too hard), then charge it. Sometimes this will get a pack
back into condition. It may take a few times of doing this though.

You are right in that Nimh batteries don't have the memory effect that
Nicad gets. However they do develop shorter capacity near the end of
their life. But the freezing technique will often extend a packs life
for awhile. As for creating a holder as Ralph suggested is a good idea.
 However if you do this make sure you still have the thermoister on the
pack. Newtons use this to keep track of the battery temperature and to
keep it from getting too high. Yes there are ways of bypassing this,
but then you run the risk of blowing up your Newt. Of course if you
just use a plain older and no thermoister (or bypass) you won't charge
the batteries inside the Newt and will just have to charge them
externally. But that can be handy as you can just slip in a set of
alkalines if a outlet is not readily available.


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