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Date: Thu Jul 27 2006 - 12:19:48 EDT

First up: "Ten Stories the World Should Hear More About - 2006" - Ten UN stories of critical issues around the globe. Improve your own sense of global awareness and then, get involved to help make a difference. Start off by reading this eBook.

Next: A nice collection of UFO-related stories, including an interview with a man who claimed to have worked at the US secret installation in the Nevada desert, data on an alleged secret UFO information gathering agency, and select UFO cases. This is just good brain candy.

Might be another eBook or two on tap as well...

Want to know more? Send a self-addressed e-mail envelope with information about what you're currently doing, or would like to be doing, to contribute to the Newton collective. What's the idea in that? Just trying to provoke more contributors and less "Gimme gimme" out there. Too many folks out there that lurk...

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