[NTLK] itunes plugin - pixell.net server

From: Roman Pixell [GMail] <roman.pixell_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu Jul 27 2006 - 18:32:01 EDT

dear all,

im lurking around behind the curtains of the newton scene and
switching between "vacation" and "subscripttion" @ NTLK. just noticed
a question about the itunes plugin today, and i have a sad message to
yall: the pixell.net server is temporary down.

this means i cant get any mail to my regular address, so i can only
be contacted via my gmail address. of course, this outage has
implications for the newton itunes plugin pages, which were hosted on
my server. if anyone wants to try the plugin (its for OS 9 only),
please send me a request to this address and ill mail it out to you

for those who are interested in an OS X plug, i can only tell its not
coming any time soon. eric schneck is the developer of the plug and
he is not planning a port due to time limitations.

stay green


PS: a little update on myself and my newton usage: ive switched to a
17" laptop now, which means that my main computer is only semi-
portable. since im biking a lot, blunt2 is out, i have a flat rate
UMTS data plan and the newton fits in my camelback, i will start
using the newt as my everyday ultra portable in september. the
primary applications apart from the regular ones will be GPS vector
maps and project planning. i would be immensly grateful if anyone
with experience in those fields could help me in setting up the newt
properly. i remember that i have blueprint and gps map licences

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