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From: Tweedy Flanigan <tweedy_at_flanigan.us>
Date: Mon Jul 31 2006 - 07:53:13 EDT

Hi all -
I'm a college student, long-time Mac user, and now the proud owner of
a new, old eMate :-D. I was very excited to see that there's such an
active community of Newton users on the web still!

I also wanted to let you all know that I'm starting up an
encyclopedia project for Apple/Mac related stuff. One of the major
reasons I wanted to create such a project is that it's so difficult
to find quality in-depth Apple information online (though it is out
there!), and because web sites about older Apple products (Newton,
Lisa, etc.) are becoming more and more scarce. I think that our
community needs some place where we can really collect all of this
information in one place.

The project is based on the DMOZ and Open-Site editor models (as
opposed to the free-for-all Wiki model). I'd love to have any of you
who have strong writing skills and an enthusiasm for sharing
knowledge of the Newton as editors. If you're interested, check out
Macpedia at http://www.macpedia.net/ (more information at http://
macpedia.net/Public/). I hope that by working together we can really
create something useful for the online community of Apple fans.

Good to be part of the list :-)

Tweedy Flanigan <etf6@georgetown.edu>
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