[NTLK] Lucent WAN card issues

From: Robert Gottlieb <rcgottlieb_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu Jun 01 2006 - 14:05:46 EDT


I looked on the WikiWikiNet for answers and I still haven't gotten
much closer to connecting to my D-Link router. Anyway, here are the

Lucent PC24E-T-FC
P/N: 011498/A
BootRoom: NO
both 5V and 16 checked

When I install the card and click on setup I have the following
filled out:
Use Card For Appletalk is unchecked (before I tap setup)
Mode: Infrastructure
Channel 6 (ignored)
SSID: my SID (which is broadcasted) for my D-Link
WEP Key: string use WEP is unchecked
Under advanced settings nothing is checked, i.e. Use Romaing and
Enable Power Mangement are not checked.

My D-Link is a DI-524 (handles both B and G)

I have the D-Link setup to not use WEP but rather to lock down by MAC
address. I put the MAC address of the WAN card into my config.

When I try to use Newtscape to go anywhere it looks like it is going
to work, i.e. the lights blink on the card, and then it comes back
saying it cannot resolve the IP.

BTW, I did install all olf the drivers (NIE, the Japanese Lucent WAN

Any other ideas of what I can try to get this to work?



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