Re: [NTLK] [ANN] Einstein Platform 2006.6

From: Adriano <>
Date: Thu Jun 01 2006 - 18:46:38 EDT

Any iPod has a special connector at the bottom, "nephew" of the
Newton interconnect port.

When the iPod is inserted in the display's case, it connects to the
male version of this special plug.

This plug has 30pins which carries audio, video, power, serial, usb,
etc from and to the iPod.

So you would insert the iPod, set its software to play video through
the video-out port,
then just press play and see your videoclips and movies showed on the
1440 pxls lcd.

Note that iPod with video have a dedicated 32MB video CPU other than
a central CPU to run the system.

I can't imagine if Einstein could have the capability to display
system events on an external monitor,
but i hope that a dedicated video-chip could be of help.


01/giu/06 Thomas Tempelmann wrote:

> On 6/1/06, Adriano <> wrote:
>> I could give you a better idea of what i mean, cause a couple of
>> months ago i completed
>> designs of an accessory made for 5th gen iPod, it's a 7" lcd display
>> which can include
>> a touchscreen and some special features. Last night i published a
>> test page here:
> As always, you amaze me with great-looking web pages that, however,
> give practically NO information :)
> So, what is that, i.e. how does it interface to the iPod? Does it use
> the iPod's video out, or what?

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