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From: DJ Vollkasko <DJ_Vollkasko_at_gmx.net>
Date: Fri Jun 02 2006 - 09:11:22 EDT

June 2nd 2006

New in


complete, authentic, and authorized record of the work of Mr. Edison
has been given to the world. Amazing (if sometimes lengthy) read on
E.'s life and achievements--and most of all the astonishing hacks!--of
the world first true electric hacker (who actually already talks about
"bugs" in the system...). (Newtified by the one and only Matt-the-K.

New in

        John Mead Gould (1839-1930): How to Camp Out--Hints for Camping and
Walking (1877)

With illustrations by renowned Prof. Edward S. Morse (1838-1925).
Illustrated Newton edition by DJ Vollkasko from the Project Gutenberg
eText. Highly recommended reading with some very nice historic
background (e.g. how much traveling by horse cart or wagon resembles
motorized tourism). Fantastic book, entertaining read, also of interest
to any US Civil War reenactment geek.

May 31st 2006

> New in
> http://www.stillnewt.org/library/_Software/
> _Other%20Newton%20Applications/
> TimeTally%20Free%20(Tony%20Copping,%20Signature%20Software%20Ltd.%20199
> 6
> )/ :
> TimeTally!
> ==========
> A Newton application that sums up times from your Newton "Dates"
> calendar. Written by Tony Copping, Signature Software Ltd., 1996
> (Thanks, Matt-the-K!)
> New in http://www.stillnewt.org/library/_Fiction/

> Childers, Robert Erskine (1870-1922) - The Riddle of the Sands (1903)
> One of the greatest books describing small craft sailing, this is a
> true classic in the spy-novel genre, too. Brilliant writing, great
> description of the fantastic landscape of the Frisian North Sea coast.
> Newtified by D. Vollkasko, appended with a whole batch of
> Wikipedia-articles on the author, the book, the genre(s) and the
> unique landscape the story takes place in.
> New in
> http://www.stillnewt.org/library/_Fiction/_Crime%20and%20Mystery/
> Rohmer,%20Sax%20(1883-1959)/Fu%20Manchu-Stories/
> The Hand Of Fu-Manchu (1917)/
> Sax Rohmer's third novel on the cruel Chinese archfiend. Newtified by
> DJV, appended with Wikipedia-Articles on Rohmer, Fu Manchu, and other
> stuff.


> From: DJ Vollkasko <DJ_Vollkasko@gmx.net>
> Subject: Re: [NTLK] Where is DJ?
> Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2006 00:40:50 +0200
> DJV reporting back to HQ:
>> I recently announced the creation of yet more Newton eBooks. I sent
>> them, along with "source" .NP! files (from NewtonPress) and "Read Me"
>> text files, to DJ.
> Already added to the Temporary Newton Library by Marty. Thanks Marty,
> Matt-the-K and Tony for the new books added during my hiatus and your
> kind help with Library maintenance.
>> However, I have not received any response back from DJ. Is he on
>> sabbatical?
> Thanks for all the mails and kind wishes I've found in my mailbox when
> I managed to restore my digitality.
> My PowerBook broke down. Replacing the motherboard turned out to be too
> expensive (EUR 380 + EUR 130 for installation), buying a new used
> PowerBook was also way above the budget. Ahh, I'd have loved to get a
> nice, tasty well-worn PowerBook G4 with 1 GHz... I'd even bring my own
> RAM and HD... Still, no avail.
> In the end, the nothing less than amazing crew of Winning Industries
> Ltd. somehow poked hot irons at the board and mumbled something about
> "prob'ly musta been the Power Management", and now the box runs again.
> Checking 'round for fixes and trying things just took too long. Now I
> hope it holds until I can convince some kind soul (read: sucker) to
> part from his or her PowerBook (anything > 550 Mhz)... ;=}
>> Maybe I'll need to find a new repository for saving Newton eBooks.
> Done already, and added some more.
>> Anyone have ideas on this?
> Yes, working on it (since three years, actually). Hope something nicer
> works out soon, if not, I'm willing to go on like before. Works,
> doesn't it?
>> Is Victor back to taking on new content for UNNA?
> The submission queue in which my last submissions from summer 2004
> (2003?) rotted peacefully has vanished since the last server move.
> That, and some other oddities convinced me early last year to rough it
> on my own and find a simpler, but much more welcoming home.
> Best wishes to all, and good to read you again.
> DJ Vollkasko
> P.S.: Hey, I'm running out of stuff to read. Somebody drop some new
> books my way, pls.! ;=}

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